Hand painted canvas ART floor cloths

Welcome to Susan Beekman Decorative Services - Specializing in hand painted canvas ART floor cloths

The process begins by listening to the client's wants and needs, incorporating their goals with my extensive background in both art history and decorative design. I have excellent color awareness and skillfully produce a variety of faux-finishes. Original artistic themes grace my clients' walls, floor cloths, furniture and woodwork throughout the Northeast. My classical sensitivity coupled with research and imagination result in creative interpretations that develop into unique and successful collaborations with the client! Susan Beekman Clough faux artist

The artist studied “the art of the painted finish at The Isabel O’Neil Studio Workshop, NYC, where she earned the apprentice title of Journeyman. Susan assisted in several classes and taught marble courses there. "Isabel O’Neil taught me the Gift of Seeing and the Joy of Color!" notes the artist.


Other studies include:
The Finishing School
Sotheby’s Restoration Workshop
The Joanne Day Studio
PA Academy of Fine Art
Josh Winer, Muralist

"Clough works with the client directly as well as interior designers, cabinet makers,
builders and architects brainstorming to get just the right look to transform the ordinary
into extraordinary." — Lancaster Sunday News —